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Broadband Card

Postby bradkg » Mon Dec 20, 2010 00:49

So until I get I new job I'll be doing a lot of traveling, most hotels have free internet but the ones I've been too have had dial-up like speed. So my question, would getting a broadband card let me with a good connection? I don't need to it to be as good as my connection at home but I'd need to be able to say level my mage (which I currently can't because after the first hit the lag is so bad single mobs are a extreme struggle). So has anyone played wow on a broadband card to know if it's playable? I would like to know before I put $100 on a card and sign up for a year at $70 a month. Ohh the things I do to get me WoW. :wacko:
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Re: Broadband Card

Postby OldScotch » Mon Dec 20, 2010 18:01

I'm guessing this is on a laptop and you're asking about an ethernet card as opposed to wireless?

If so, wired ethernet is (almost always) more reliable than wireless, but not necessarily faster. It is generally faster, but that's certainly not a rule. Hotels with free internet often don't have great internet - you can also try Starbucks or places like that that don't have a strict loitering policy.
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Re: Broadband Card

Postby Dos246 » Tue Dec 21, 2010 02:26

I used my old 3G card I had from Sprint to play when travelling and it worked ok, not great speed mind you but playable. Granted that was TBC, early Wrath time frame but seemed to be playable when I tried it.

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