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Pykzil says hello

Postby Pykzil » Mon Feb 27, 2012 20:29


My name is Joe. I'm a RL friend of Micah and play World of Warcraft on Silvermoon and joined Solidarity a couple of weeks ago.

I'm a long-time player, started right before Burning Crusade came out. After a year absence while checking out some other games like Rift and SWTOR, I started my WoW account back up. Usually when I have a long absence like this, I tend to decide to start over fresh so I rolled a new toon on Silvermoon.

While I realize that we are in-between expansions and Silvermoon is a somewhat small server, I plan to be active and see as much content as I can, which will probably be a mix of the old stuff and the new stuff that has come out in the last year. I'm usually down with doing just about anything, be that dungeon runs, raids, battlegrounds or questing/dailies. Not an Arena fan so I won't be doing that. During LK, I was involved with a few raiding guilds and I would like to do that from time to time but very casually and only because I'd like to see that content (content whore!) and even if I have to LFR. However, I would be down with helping to put together a casual 10-man team, given the opportunity or inclination of the Solidarity members.

I also love to run old world stuff for achieves, transmog gear and just wham, bam, squash-a-murloc fun and camaraderie.

My hunter is in the mid 60's right now and leveling pretty quickly. I do a mix of questing, dungeoneering and eventually BG play and my plan is to build up a nice nest egg of JP as I'm moving along. I like to run as Marksman once I have enough talent points in place.

I'm also down with helping so if anyone needs their lowbies run through a dungeon or wants a dungeon running buddy, just say the word (it's BIRD!).

Thanks for reading and see you guys in game.
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Re: Pykzil says hello

Postby OldScotch » Wed Feb 29, 2012 06:30

Hi Jon, that's a great introduction - welcome!

I'm Nate, my WoW account isn't active anymore, but do get in to SW:ToR when I have time and eagerly waiting Diablo III too. The wife is quite active in WoW though, she loves going through achievements and such, I'll make sure to let her know to keep an eye out for you.
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Re: Pykzil says hello

Postby Pykzil » Wed Feb 29, 2012 19:10

Thanks Nate!

Sorry to hear you are not playing WoW any longer. I tried SWTOR for a month and enjoyed some aspects of it. For me, it just needs a nice coat of polish so I'd certainly interested to see where it is in 6 months from now.

Good or bad and as much as I completely disagree with Blizzard's direction at times, I often wind up returning to WoW. I think that after the general ease of WoTLK they wanted to return to the difficulty level of what we saw in BC and it really put people off and I think they lost perspective of how well they pulled off the range of challenges in the previous expansion.

What I mean there is that the dungeons initially in WoTLK were challenging in spots without them being "mini-raids" like we saw at the beginning of Cata. Naxx was more a less a cakewalk with a decent group but a good primer for raiding. Ulduar was well balanced - the difficulty ramped as you went through it. Same goes for ToC - it was challenging without requiring twitch precision. ICC was innovative in parts and a lot of fun. Ruby Sanctum was okay as a mini raid.

So you had the full range for everyone - casuals, semi-casuals, raiders, elitists and whatnot.

When Cata launched I think it was a mess. Stunning visual changes and great environments and really fun quests but the journey was just too easy. By the time you got to the dungeons, they were initially hard and complex, at least too complex for "pile driving" pug groups. Heroics were hard... and nearly impossible to complete via the Dungeon Finder. I'm surprised to still see groups have issues with these.

Anyways, I was initially "shocked" when I heard about Mists of Pandara. My first mental image was Kung-Fu Panda along with Pokemon. I hope this is more of a sign of balanced content rather than complete silliness. Here's hoping, LOL! Oh and after thinking about it, I really think the new talent system redesign is brilliant. People gravitate towards cookie cutters anyway and the days of hybrid builds is long dead so all we are getting is our spec skills as we level and then, hopefully, "flavor" choices via the new talent system.

So... enough of my rambling for now!
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Re: Pykzil says hello

Postby Dos246 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 02:11

Heyas Joe and welcome aboard! We've talked a good bit in game, sorry for the slow response on here. Nice seeing you and the wife online a good bit lately. Give me a shout if you need anything, I"m on at least a little every day :)

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Re: Pykzil says hello

Postby Zuljita » Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:15

Welcome indeed.
I'm Kyle, I have an active wow account but due to bandwidth limitations at the moment, my wife (Gilda/Shannon) and I can't play at the same time atm :(
This means I have little motivation to log on now, but maybe someday soon you will see me online again. That or in D3 :D
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